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Keeping Seniors Safe in Their Homes 

Is Your House Still Safe?

As we age or face health or mobility challenges, it is more difficult to keep up with the demands of home ownership .  Carbon monoxide poisoning can be confused with the flu. Electrical hazards rigged together or the unsanitary plumbing conditions are ignored.  Walt Disney's mother died from carbon monoxide in a home her sons bought for her. They never got over it.

Calling a contractor is not the answer because they do not look at all of the  safety issues in a home. Some contractors even defraud  seniors with bad or unneeded repairs.

More adult children live away from their parents and do not have the time or knowledge to correct the hazards you are living with. We can help.

Some Of Many Reasons for Safety Inspections

Electrical hazards
Furnace hazard
Auxiliary Heaters
Missing or inoperative CO & Smoke detectors
Trip and fall hazards
Defective stairs and rails
Unsanitary plumbing conditions
Improper hot water temperature
Inadequate ventilation
Improperly stored chemicals
Moisture intrusion, leaks
Environmental heath hazards


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You have help to visit the doctor, and “Meals on Wheels” to bring you food. You have visiting nurses and other in home care providers. YOU WANT TO STAY IN YOUR HOME, but what can you do to protect your home safety ….The Center for Disease Control states that home hazards are one of seniors most significant health risks. WE CAN HELP !

It Was Safe !

30 years ago, 20 years ago, even 5 years ago their home was safe. Dad added a taped extension cord, then an unsafe space heater, ignored the burned out lights bulbs too high to reach and the hazards just happened until the unthinkable occurred. Nobody suspected they would die of the hazard. it just happened one night. The contractor that came to check the furnace didn't notice the crumbling chimney that blocked the furnace. He only saw the furnace.  Nobody knew it was time to check the safety of their home.

The Senior Home Safety Network is a national network of inspection professionals dedicated to keeping seniors safe in their homes


Our inspectors review each property to meet the needs of seniors. Many other types of services are available. Visit us online for details.