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What The Inspectors Inspect: Part 7 Attic

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One of the least glamorous but more important parts of the inspection is the attic. A hot July afternoon in Minneapolis can make you wish you had gone into a different line of work. Attics can easily reach temperatures exceeding 120 degrees and the inspector does not look his best when he finally comes down the attic ladder. The trip is necessary however because it is one of the few places in the home where the framing is exposed and a general assessment of the quality of the framing can be made. The exterior inspection of the roof is critical but the attic can provide evidence of current or past water entry that may not be evident anywhere else in the house. Since the attic, like the crawlspace, is a place the home owner rarely goes, there may be problems in the attic that are not known to the occupants of the property. Remember, one of the biggest complaints against home inspectors is missed roof leaks. Although both an exterior and attic inspection of the roof is important, this inspector believes that more information on the quality of the roof condition can be obtained in the attic in minneapolis mn

The standards require that the type of attic access be identified. Pull down ladders, scuttle holes, stairs and door access are the typical means. How was the attic inspected? Some attics can be walked and others because of construction or stored material must be inspected from the furnace platform or the top of the ladder. Whatever the means used must be identified and the reason why the inspector did not walk through the attic. Also identified are attic areas that were not accessible. The information gathered in the attic usually falls into five categories, insulation, ventilation, framing, leaks and pests. Any inspection information on furnaces in the attic is contained in the Heating and Cooling section of the report in minneapolis mn.